Personal Wealth

Individual insurance protection

At ASG we will identify and sell products that are designed to help provide security for those that mean most to you in the event of a disability or death. Our disability income portfolios range from standard income protection to specially designed contracts for professional services, high net worth individuals, and business owners. Our life insurance portfolio is comprised of products offered by some of our country’s top insurance companies.

Individual Insurance Protection

  • Income Replacement
  • Disability Income
  • Estate Preservation
  • Charitable Giving
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Individual investments services

With financial independence, family legacy and social capital solutions in place, wealth optimization becomes the focus of the process. ASG uses a disciplined values-based approach to help you make wise choices and to help ensure that your strategy is focusing on what you value.

We break the financial review process into four quadrants or phases, each one representing one cycle: Discovery, Creative Approach, Strategy Deployment, and Results Management.

  • Discovery: Identify and think about the problem
    The first phase begins by thinking clearly about the problem. This is where clarity is
    achieved around your goals and gaps are identified.
  • Creative Approach: Think about your strategy
    This is where you think clearly about the products and services available and make decisions regarding closing
    the gaps.
  • Strategy Deployment: Begin to put your personalized strategy in place
    This phase is where you purchase any products and services that are deemed suitable and can help achieve your desired results.
  • Results Management: Manage the results
    ASG’s final phase is where we establish a strategy to manage and implement the results. This
    assures you have confidence your plan will work over time.

Working with knowledgeable and experienced financial services professionals that have access to current technologies and a thorough understanding of tax reduction and financial strategies techniques is important. Working with financial professionals that take the time to understand your unique desires and goals is critical.

ASG will take the time to help you make that assessment, develop a plan that works for you, and provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully implement that plan. Our services are available to you within a range of fee structures that are negotiable between you and ASG. It will be based on the complexity of your needs and the services required.

Advisory services

  • Fee Based Advisory Accounts
  • Managed Portfolio Options
  • Corporate Asset Management
  • Qualified Retirement Planning
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Endowments
  • Fee Based Risk Management (Insurance and Annuities)

We strategically align with Storehouse Financial, LLC to provide managed account solutions - utilizing Charles Schwab and Co. as our platform of preference.